This year’s eGovernment forum is new in terms of form and content. COVID-19 turned EGOV8 to run virtually through advanced and specialized technology. This will help in bringing together attendees and speakers from inside and outside Kuwait. We will also be able to benefit from speakers who could not join physically during previous EGOV events.

On the content front, EGOV8 will focus on the business reengineer of government services, a necessary and essential entry point for the development of integrated, connected, and comprehensive eGovernment services that deliver government services to citizens and residents – wherever they are on a 24/7 basis, and without the need to visit government departments. COVID-19 contributed to making this achievement an imperative and not a matter of deferral.

COVID-19 Global Business Impact

  • Manual services are no longer acceptable options. Full automation for businesses and government services is a necessity.
  • Businesses are striving to recover financially after an unprecedented & catastrophic lockdown.
  • The business landscape is changing. Technology trends such as AI is taking over the world by a storm.
  • Prolonged social distancing is affecting all industries, including transportation, tourism, education, healthcare, etc.
  • High-rise areas of city centers are no longer practical business options. The real estate business has to shape up.
  • Remote work will be the new norm and, for a long time, maybe forever.
  • Tremendous entrepreneurial opportunities have been rising by new talents driven by new technologies.