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Automation and computing are undergoing several changes that impact all its facets including computing platforms, applications, databases, virtual and augmented reality technologies, management and governance practices, technical support services, and the ever-changing IT security landscape. Though many technologies have reached an advanced level of maturity, the pace of change causes maturity either to be short termed or a mere theoretical concept without any concrete practical base.
E-Government programs are considered, by far, one of most complex automation projects that governments embark on. The complexity stems from the need to destabilize the prevailing norm that governed government procedures and agencies for decades. Business processes, in government agencies, have been paper-based or slightly partially automated silos. Each government agency has its processes independent from those of other government agencies. E-Government agencies have to deal with this complexity and bring everybody into a streamlined, integrated, automated, and always available government services. E-Government agencies have, at the same time, to keep pace with ever-changing information and communications technologies.
No event with a limited period can cover all the changes that influence automation projects, and specifically, e-Government program development. Therefore, the sixth E-Government Forum (EGOV6) will focus on a limited number of change aspects. EGOV6 will focus on discussing change management aspects in four technology specific areas as follows:
  • Change management in computing infrastructure.
  • Change management in business processes.
  • Change management in information security.
  • Change management in information management services.
As noticed, the above main topics focus on the human resources aspects, in addition to the technical elements. Advanced technologies and powerful computing platforms did not eliminate the need for more specialized human capabilities that can make use of these advanced technologies.
NoufEXPO, in collaboration with the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT), will hold the sixth E-Government Forum – Managing Change towards Digitization from 4 – 6 December 2018 at Al-Baraka Ballroom – Crowne Plaza Hotel. The Forum will focus on the change management practices that need to be implemented in order to boos e-Government program implementation and make the best use of all available resources along the way.


The sixth E-Government Forum – Managing Change towards Digitization aims to empower Kuwait’s E-Government program owners by introducing them to:
  • The undergoing changes affecting information technology industry.
  • How organizations can benefit from these changes to boost implementing their e-government programs.
  • Requirements of human resources development strategies to cope with change.
  • World-class experiences that can help e-government agencies achieve their targets.
  • How to develop effective human capabilities that can mitigate and encounter cybercrime.
  • New governance and management practices to boost the efficiency of e-government agencies.


First Day: 4 December 2018
Opening Ceremony

Time Topic
18:00 Delegates Registration
18:30 National Anthem
18:32 Holy Quran
18:35 Opening Speech – His Highness Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Hamad AL-Sabah, the Prime Minister of the State of Kuwait, represented by His Excellency Mr. Anas Khalid Al-Saleh, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs and the Chairman of the Board of the Central Agency for Information Technology
18:40 Keynote Speech –Eng. Qussai Al-Shatti
Director General of the Central Agency for Information Technology – Acting
18:45 Keynote Speech – Mr.Yousef Al-Marzouq
General Manager –  NoufEXPO
18:50 Keynote Speeches – Sponsoring Companies
19:15 Announcement of e-Services Excellence Award Result
19:20 Honoring Participating Companies
19:30 Exhibition Inauguration
20:00 Gala Dinner

Second Day: 5 December 2018
First Session: Managing Change in Infrastructure

Time Topic
09:00 From Datacenter to Cloud
09:30 Software Defined Data Centers
10:00 Next Generation IT Service Management
10:30 Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
11:00 General Discussion
Break 11:15 – 11:45

Second Session: Managing Change in Business Processes

Time Topic
11:45 Building Vision and Strategic Planning
12:15 Implementing Enterprise Architecture
12:45 Building GRC Frameworks
13:15 Implementing New HR Development Policies
13:45 General Discussion
14:00   Lunch  

Third Day: 6 December2018
Third Session: Managing Change in Cybersecurity

Time Topic
09:00 Setting Up IT Security Strategies
09:30 Building Security Operations Centers (SOCs)
10:00 Information Privacy Legislations
10:30 Building Information Security Professionals
11:00 General Discussion
Break 11:15 – 11:45

Fourth Session: Managing Change in Information Management

Time Topic
11:45 Big Data Analytics
12:15 Potential of Virtual and Augmented Reality
12:45 Protecting Information Lifecycleand Data Governance
13:15 Cloud Impact on Managing Information
13:45 General Discussion
14:00 Announcing Conference Recommendations
14:05 A Word of Acknowledgment – Distribution of Participant Certificates
14:15  Lunch

Who is invited?

  • Information technology departments of government organizations
  • E-Government agencies of GCC countries
  • E-Government program managers
  • IT departments of selected private sector enterprise

Who should attend?

  • IT Strategists
  • Chief Information Officers
  • E-Government program managers and staff
  • Infrastructure and hardware specialist
  • Information Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Chief Security Officers
  • IS Auditors
  • IS Architects
  • IS Developers
  • Governance Departments Staff
  • Content and Record Management Staff
  • Technical Support and operations staff



EGOV6 will feature a technology exhibition where technology vendors will show and present their products and services. The exhibition, in addition, is an excellent opportunity for both vendors and government agencies to get engaged in direct discussions. The exhibition will be an invaluable business development opportunity for vendors and, well as,an excellent networking platform for government professionals.
Exhibition Area
The layout of the Exhibition area is shown in the following drawing:
Booth Specifications:

  • Booth sizes of 9m2, 12m2, 18m2 are available.
  • Vendors can order standard booth designs or they can provide their designs.
  • Special booths will be dedicated to GCC countries to highlight their e-Government program’s achievement.

E-Services Excellence Award

For the third year during the opening ceremony of the e-Government Forum, the e-Services Excellence Award will be provided to the government agency that has deployed the best e-Service on Kuwait Government Online (www.e.gov.kw), the official e-Government portal of the State of Kuwait.
e-Services Excellence Award aims at:
  • Promoting best policies and efforts within government agencies.
  • Encouraging government agencies’ senior management to speed up development of their e-government initiatives.
  • Building a professional platform of collaboration among government agencies led by CAIT.
e-Services Excellence Award will be announced during the opening ceremony of EGOV6.

Call for papers

The forum’s Scientific Committee at the Central Agency for Information Technology calls for all interested specialists to submit their papers about designated topics. Papers must adhere to the assigned topic and to a time limit of 30 minutes allocated to each paper.Papers and a synopsis about the lecturer should be sent to info@noufexpo.com.kw along with following guidelines:

Lecturer Details

  • Lecturer name
  • Email address
  • Contact number
  • Organization
  • Job Title
  • Address
  • Country
  • Recent Photo in JPEG format
Paper Details

  • Title
  • Half page synopsis
  • Copy of paper or presentation (MS Word or MS PowerPoint)
Indemnification Statement:

“NoufExpo” and “The Central Agency for Information Technology” are held harmless and indemnified against any legal, financial, or any other responsibility or damage towards any party in or outside of Kuwait resulting from any kind of copyright infringement caused by any submitted conference paper or any product, solution or service demonstrated in the accompanying exhibition.





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Contact Details :

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